The pandemic of Covid-19 affect the global art scene indiscriminatingly. With many art events canceled, international biennales pushed back and art practice settles to embracing online platforms for exhibitions and remaining connected to the public.

Biennales have always been serving as the benchmark of how art practice responds to and contributes in the development of contemporary culture. Jakarta Biennale, in this case has become Indonesia’s main art event that plays a crucial role in synthesizing local and international art practices in dealing with contemporary issues, and this year, with the theme of ‘ESOK-Membangun Sejarah Bersama’ (Tomorrow – Building History Together), the urgency of rethinking about the future of biennales, contemporary art practice in relation to the change of societies during and after the pandemic is becoming more apparent.

The Jakarta Biennale held Artistic Directors’ Meet-up by presenting Charles Esche (JB 2015 Artistic Director), Melati Suryodarmo (JB 2017 Artistic Director), Dolorosa Sinaga (JB 2021 Artistic Director), and Jim Supangkat (JB 1993 Artistic Director), to discuss “Biennales of Tomorrow, Post-Corona Contemporary Arts and Society”, Tuesday, 12 May 2020, 14.30-16.30 Jakarta Time.

The discussion is held in English on Zoom Conference Call, moderated by JB 2021 Executive Director Farah Wardani. Open registration for limited participation:

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