Ary "Jimged" Sendy

Rasa Koto Moruk


with Cesar Augusto da Costa Lourdes, Cesar Trinito Freitas Gaio,

Nug Katjasungkana (Dili)

Video installation with archival materials



Santina Lúcia da Costa

Adroaldo de Almeida

Maria Zevonia Fernandes Vieira

Salvador Natalino de Jesus Luis Magno

Simao Alamar


João Orleans da Costa

Aurora de Jesus da Costa

Rivaldo Armindo

Nuno Rodriguez Tchailoro

Antonia Etelvina Boavida Soares

Ego Lemos


Hilmar Farid

Hyphen — 

Budi Mulia

Lefidus Malau

Dolorosa Sinaga

Beranda Rakyat Garuda

Grace Samboh

‘Chita’ Akmalia Rizqita

Enin Supriyanto

Project by 9 & RUBANAH Underground Hub

Ratna Mufida

Julia Sarisetiati

Berto Tukan

Embarking from photography as his background, Ary “Jimged” Sendy observes consumption patterns in urban life as socio-cultural changes whirling about. In that respect, Jimged not only uses camera lens but also social, political, geographical, and historical lenses. Using various methods of image-recording, he frames his observations to offer a different angle to recognize the constellations of power in our living spaces.


Supported by: Kemdikbud, Haburas Foundation, Metresi Film, Dilicious


Esok video projections supported by: Epson