Erika Tan with Cynthia Arnella, Althea Sri Bestari, Nudiandra Sarasvati, Florentina Windy & Yola Yulfianti​


With Althea Sri Bestari, Cynthia Arnella, Florentina Windy, Nudiandra Sarasvati, Yola Yulfianti (Jakarta)

Three-channel video installation


Erika Tan works in a variety of formats, relying on research and revolving around the principles of participatory structure. Starting with moving images and anthropological studies, she uses artifacts, archives and other forms of data to raise issues of postcolonialism and transnationalism. At the 2021 Jakarta Biennale: ESOK, Erika Tan is collaborating with Dan[s]ity from Jakarta.


Choreographer – Josh Marcy

Cameraman – Komeng

Assistant Cameraman – Rino Aditia

Sound recordist – Adji Utomo

Sound utility – Muhammad Jerry Novyan