Khairani Barokka​



Film installation, 11 min 34 sec



Mitrardi Sangkoyo

Khairani Barokka, or Okka, focuses on disability justice, environmental issues, and anticolonialism in her art and writing practices. She hails from Jakarta and lives in London, with works presented widely on international platforms. Today she is a Research Fellow at the University of the Arts London, a UK Associate Artist at Delfina Foundation, and an Associate Artist at the National Center for Writing (UK). She is also Modern Poetry Translation’s Inaugural Poet-in-Residence, an ArtForum Must-See, and a NYU Tisch Departmental Fellow.

Image description: Black and white photo of an Indonesian woman with short hair, earrings, and a patterned dress, lying down on her front, pen in hand, ready to write.

Image credit: Derrick Kakembo.


Khairani Barokka’s participation is supported by Delfina Foundation