Krabstadt Education Center​

Krabstadt Education Center: Conflated Places, Learning Pretzel (Tempat-tempat Peleburan, Mempelajari Pretzel)


Multi-functional learning hall


Gudskul, Jatiwangi art Factory, Sekolah Salah Didik (School of Improper Education)

Krabstadt Education Center (KEC) originated in Krabstadt, a fictitious town where all the Nordic countries send their unwanted people and problems. The zig-zag trajectory of KEC’s formation traverses between being a drawn element in an animated fictional universe and an actual context hosting educational time. The developers of KEC are Krabstadt founders (Ewa Einhorn & Jeuno JE Kim) in collaboration with artist Karolin Meunier.

Krabstadt works with animated films, digital games, performances, sculptures, printed matters, academic texts, and an art school. Krabstadt’s animated film, Whaled Women, was premiered at the 2012 Berlin Biennale. The second film, Sex and Taxes, was premiered at the Moscow film festival 2014. Krabstadt performances range from pitches at the Cartoon Media, Torino Film Lab, staged discussions at the Moderna Museet Malmö, Sweden, and performative lectures in academic conferences.

Ewa Einhorn is a visual artist and filmmaker working with animation, satirical drawing and documentary formats. She currently teaches at HDK-Valand, Gothenburg University (SE). Influenced by popular culture, her work seeks to unhinge everyday assumptions by misusing language and images. The topics relate to the construction of societies, more specifically the relations between political rhetoric and nations as brands in the Nordic context. Since 2009 she has been working together with Jeuno JE Kim.

Jeuno JE Kim is an artist with a background in feminist theology, music, and radio. Kim’s artistic practice and research focus on sound, performance, video, and text. Her peripatetic interest has an interdisciplinary framework, mixing disparate methods and cultural cannons. Her work is influenced by the ongoing modernization in Korea and the Pacific East region, and the urgency of the political, sociological, and cultural issues that permeate this reality such as nationalism, identity construction, and historical narration.

Karolin Meunier is an artist and writer. Her performance, text, and videos observe how access to individual experience is accomplished through cultural and standardized practices. Her research is oriented towards feminist writing strategies, translation processes, alternative learning methods, and the politics of dialogue. She is part of the collective publishing house b_books in Berlin and her artist book on the work of Italian feminist Carla Lonzi is forthcoming in 2022.