Rempah Embassy with Kamengski, Kandura & Suwe Ora Jamu

Gerakan Seni Rupa Bisnis (Business Art Movement)


With Kamengski (Jakarta), Kandura (Bandung), Suwe Ora Jamu (Jakarta)

Infiltratorship, tisane, floss, prayer mat, ceramic cups, bird cage, video


Kopi Apik, Jatiwangi art Factory

Rempah Embassy is a public spice service agency. Using herbs (and spices) as a pretext, the Embassy collects stories, myths, as well as historical facts. They then cultivate these things with glimpses of fresh perspectives for healthier ways of living. They love to chit-chat, wander, research, experiment, and brew. Their concoctions come from plants that are found in their own garden, or someone else’s, and are purportedly made for to be served to the public.


Video projection supported by: Epson

Supported by: Kandura, Kamengski, Suwe Ora Jamu