Panel Discussion “Women’s Marginalization in Art History”


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Mother is only one of the many roles that women take up. December 22, 2021, commemorated as Mother’s Day, reduces the integrity of the role of women, their power and agency as well as the existing reality. Women are also thinkers, leaders, organizers, movers, protectors, breadwinners, sources of knowledge, and many more besides mothers.

Looking back at history, Mother’s Day was established based on the First Women’s Congress that was held on December 22-25, 1928. This congress discussed, among other things, issues in marriage law and their implications for women’s social condition, women’s role in society, and information about the women’s movement in Europe.

The School of Women’s Thought with Jakarta Biennale 2021: ESOK commemorates our predecessors through this panel discussion by discussing the role of women in art history.

  1. Speakers:
  • Brigitta Isabella works through various knowledge production platforms engaged in the intersections between art history, critical theory, and cultural activism. She is affiliated with KUNCI Study Forum & Collective, PERETAS (Women Across Borders), and is a member of the translocal editorial collective of the journal Southeast of Now: New Directions in Contemporary and Modern Art.
  • Farah Wardani is currently the Program Director for the 2021 Jakarta Biennale and a member of the Jakarta Arts Council’s Fine Arts Committee. Previously, Farah was a director of the Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA), artistic director of the 2013 Jogja Biennale, and assistant director of the Resource Center of National Gallery Singapore.
  • Futuwonder is a cross-disciplinary collective that works on a platform for developing arts and visual arts discourse as well as supporting artistic activities for women. Fronted by Ruth Onduko (art manager), Putu Sridinari (designer & researcher) and Citra Sasmita (artist), this collective aims to build a healthy and progressive collective dynamic in Bali’s art scene.
  • Ratna Mufida is an art management worker. Currently, with Hyphen—, she is involved in the Danarto and Kustiyah et al research project. Previously, she was active in organizing art events in Yogyakarta such as Ngayogjazz, Equator Symposium, the Jogja Biennale, ART|JOG, Jogjakarta Arts Festival, etc. She has also managed a number of art spaces such as Kedai Kebun Forum, iCAN, and FFR.
  • Umi Lestari is a lecturer for the Film Study Program at Multimedia Nusantara University. She writes film criticisms on several online sites and on her blog, As a researcher, Umi won the New Emerging Writers Fellowship from the journal Southeast of Now in 2019. In 2021, Umi curated the “B. Resobowo Exhibition” at the National Gallery of Indonesia.


  • Lisabona Rahman is a volunteer translator who also manages film presentation projects, archives, and women’s works. Lisabona has studied film preservation and curatorials in the Netherlands and has worked as a film restorer in Italy. She currently works freelance in restoration projects, film treatments, screenings and knowledge exchange forums.


Image from the Collection of Griya Seni Hj. Kustiyah Edhi Sunarso.