National Museum

Here you are, about to wander around a museum. Roaming into spaces that might bring you to various stories of how human’s ideals turn into a civilization, and encounter actors with super power. In Song Ta’s work, you will see a group of well-dressed young male heroes leading the people towards a brighter future, a critique of the process of hero-making in our mass media and contemporary political landscape. Meanwhile, Futuwonder takes you into the stories of female artists rooted back to the era of Bali’s landscape idealisation.

Celia-Yunior’s work contains water that was calculated based on the amount that was preserved in two particular reservoirs built in Indonesia and Cuba during the Cold War. Beyond its practical function, a reservoir as an infrastructure project also reflects human attempt to contain and administrate natural resources.

At the same time you have observed the multiple effects of these actions, would one version of civilization create spaces for different narratives? What might come as the consequence of one’s big idea? As an effort to convey the varied experiences, Kenji’s work moves as you hop on the bicycle while wondering how energy could be generated by human power.