National Museum

In such a building, how do you know if you have seen all the works? Are you halfway through or just at the beginning? These are some reasons that we are here to be with you, so that you can catch your breath and ponder a bit more….

You can also take a break in the canteen here. Nothing fancy as it is the employee’s canteen, but you surely will find all the essentials. What are the essentials, anyway? Instant noodle would most likely be an option! Quick meal, satisfying for the tongue, warm food, cures hunger; all in one go! Health? That may be another conversation. But, hey, there will be some herbal drinks available there by the Rempah Embassy. In such a rainy season, we all need a bit of warmth anyway.

Speaking of warmth, Tamarra offers us a sanctuary; a metaphoric rebirth, a second, third, forth chance if you may. A place to reconnect to oneself if one will. Further in, you will encounter bani’s ongoing investigation in the language of intimacy to speak of our present and future relationships with ubiquitous personal digital devices such as our mobile phone and laptop.