National Awakening Museum

Left you went! Hello! We will occasionally appear in case you need some sort of insight amidst your wanderings. How have you been? Never in our minds have we imagined that we’d survive for months and months behind our screens. When was the last time we played a board game with friends? What happened to land, forests, trees, nature, people living away from urban cities, and people around us, on earth?

Various endings of Maharani’s board game might take you back to where you begin and, hopefully, rethink. What were the decisions that I made that took me there? Ines’ boutique allows us to extend the fights of several heroines, simply by wearing these t-shirts to places. These female land defenders have strived for the rights for a better living environment for many of us, if not all. The apple trees, though… Where are they from? Would they still be around the botany that Miljohn’s time machine is rendering to us, bewildering us?

Are these environments for real, real? Do we really see, hear, treat our environment as mere resources or assertions of geopolitics as Köken’s installation suggests? Can we think of a time when we might have met and trusted each other as Maha has woven? Be it in the past, now, or in the coming days….