National Awakening Museum

Did you just arrive? Hi! Glad to see you out here! We are here to be with and around you, if you wish. If you came from other parts of the museum, you would have either enjoyed us as a break or you wouldn’t even have read us to this point. Anyway,…

In thinking about ESOK, we thought of what is to come. Rizki and Erika, whose works you will encounter in this direction, questioned, confronted, appropriated, and challenged existing narratives that are understood as history of modernity and progress. How does one be part of these narratives? Or what kind of occasions or events qualify as history? Who gets to decide? Where are we in this process? What are the genders of these figures who feature in this narrative? Is history a singular narrative?

How does a narrative occur and manifest in our everyday life as proposed by Praneet? Like Erika, what if we see a series of facts and events differently? When we are granted access to multiple stories, how do we recompose our reality like Rizki did? Do we have a chance in updating, if not rewriting, what may be understood as our past? What would it contribute to what is to come? What will change, move, shift, travel, adapt, migrate along?