National Awakening Museum

You are halfway through our exhibition now! And you are right at the place where it will seem as if we are giving you too many options and making too many assumptions. This panel is on the left side, so we assume you’d read this first before the next. If you are here for a break, please read the next panel first.

If you’re here to continue your wandering, there are three buildings that you could go through from here. One has the works of Jimged and Xuân Hạ who looked closer into where and how particular cuisines were made, prepared, served, along with the histories around it. Have you ever thought of how certain ingredients ended up in your day-to-day delicacies and where they actually came from?

Another one is Krabstadt Education Center, a multifunctional learning hall that is designed from a pretzel, a common foundational food where they are at now. KEC’s space is regularly used by other participants of the biennale for workshops and educational programs.

Finally, one of Vincent’s collaborations with Rahmad Larae, Virdinda La Ode Achmad & M. Junaidi Dide where you can overhear them sharing while speculating ‘facts’ of the romanticized colonial memories of Banda Islands.