National Awakening Museum

The cafeteria lures people for different reasons. Some may be thirsty, hungry, needing some space to digest the recent experiences in the museum, or simply waiting for a friend to catch up. That said, the cafeteria also attracts a particular group of artists with a certain kind of practice, the actively engaging one. Or, dare we say, the non-representational one.

There are infiltrated consumable products by Rempah Embassy in this cafetaria, if you can find them. The embassy collaborated with popular merchandiser Kamengski, Kandura who meticulously designed and crafted ceramic cups, and, lo and behold, one of the oldest jamu (traditional herbs) cafes in town, Suwe Ora Jamu. Back in their hometown, they are known for always popping up in concerts and such, and for doing pilgrimages tracing the now rare local herbs.

Not only that you will find the new publishing platform Ufuk’s presence from here towards the toilet area, you would also find them in our website, where they are expanding the exhibition space beyond the physical realm. The exploration is also part of their endeavor to expand on the limits of writing histories by providing a publishing platform.