Phaptawan Suwannakudt

Sleeping   Deep   Beauty


Single track audio, acrylic, gold leaf silver foil on linen paintings, veils and reflexive panels


Puji Lestari Ciptaningrum (Ijup), Tanskul Suwannakudt (recording of sound element)

Phaptawan works in interdisciplinary forms that include painting, sculpture, and installation. Her work often dealt with issues of empathy and commensurability informed by Buddhism, women’s issues, and cross- cultural dialogue. She trained as a Thai Buddhist mural painter in her father’s workshop, the late master Paiboon Suwannakudt who was a writer, poet, dancer, and choreographer. Her early childhood involved reading her father’s manuscripts and learning Thai mural painting drafting skills. In her teens she was sent to read Thai poetry with the late poet, artist Chang Sae Tang.


Image by John Clark.